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    Sort Sol History

In Juli after attending two Sex Pistols Concerts Peter and Steen formed a punk band with two others. But few months later they met Knud and Thomas, and together they formed the band SODS. In October SODS had their debut live performance at a school (Rdovre Statsskole) and after that they played again in Christania.

On May the 28th SODS met Iggy Pop in the streets of Copenhagen and talked him into to let SODS play a short concert before his concert. So May the 29th SODS played a short concert for a big crowd before Iggy Pop (at the "Det Ny Teater" venue).

SODS signed to Medley and record "Minutes To Go" with Poul Bruun as producer. The music on the debut album was punk rock in the Sex Pistols style. The album got mixed reviews. Torben Bille, a well known reviewer (then for Politiken) gave it a especially bad review But "Minutes To Go" was received well by people in the punk movement. Later this year the album was put out in UK by Step Forward Records.

During 2 days SODS record "Under en Sort Sol" (under a black sun). The music on the second album was different from their debut, more dark and psychedelic. Flemming Rasmussen produced this album (he later produced albums for Metallica). "Marble Station" one of the best tracks on the album was released in UK by 4AD. Lars Hug sings and play guitar on the track Evening Song (Lars Hug was at that time in the popart rock band Kliche).

SODS changed name to Sort Sol and released the "Dagger & Guitar" Album. The album was produced by Chris Butler. Lydia Lunch sang on 2 tracks on the album.

The "Ruby Dont Take Your Love To Town" EP was released, and this song was a hit in Denmark. The young Lars joined the band as a second guitar player (Lars came from the punk band ADS which also had Stig Pedersen as a member, Stig later became a rockstar in the excellent danish "cow-punk" band D:A:D)

Together with the swedish producer 4-Eyed Thomas Sort Sol made their garage rock album "Everything That Rises Must Converge". The Album was well received in Denmark and in Europe.

I saw Sort Sol live for the first time at Huset in Aarhus, and I have been a fan since then.

Sort Sol was thrown out of USSR during a tour there. The russian crowd loved the russian version of Marc Bolans "Children of The Revolution". But the russian police didn't like the decadent music and performance (like playing slide guitar with a vodka bottle). I saw Sort Sol live in Copenhagen (Nick Cave read from his book "And The Ass Saw The Angel". before Sort Sol played), an excellent experience.Sort Sol signed with Sony Music Denmark.

Sort Sol had their commercial break through with "Flow My Firetear". Link Wray plays guitar on this album. I met Sort Sol at a reception and got their artful signatures. And the same day I saw Sort Sol playing in Ridehuset in Aarhus. Later that year I heard Sort Sol live at Roskilde Festival and Blizt (Aarhus).At the Danish Grammy Sort Sol won 3 awards as: Best Band, Best Rock Album and Best Album. Sort Sol toured Denmark with great success. On the tour Willi Jnsson played on keyboard and did some vocals. Jnsson is a former member of Gasolin.

Sort Sol released Glamourpuss which was produced by Sort Sol and Flemming Rasmussen. The Albumwas recieved very well and is sold in more than 100.000 copies. I saw Sort Sol playing in Ridehuset again.

Three Sort Sol songs are used in the very successful danish movie Nattevagten (Nightwatch) which was directed by Ole Bornedal. At the Danish Grammy 94 Sort Sol wins 4 awards as: Best Band, Best Rock Album, Best Album and Best Producer.

Peter Peter leaves in the band in great anger. This get on front page on major danish newspapers and Peter Peter gives many inteviews. Peter Peter told that the band had many problems and he couldn't agree with the others about how the new songs should be. The remaining members of Sort Sol have no comments about it and continue to make new music together with the super producer Ian Caple (Caple has produced the great "spaghetti-goth" band Tindersticks).

Sort Sol release their trip hop like album "Unspoiled Monsters". Sort Sol compose music to a ballet based on Hamlet. I saw Sort Sol live 3 times, in Den Gr Hal (Christania,Copenhagen), at Roskilde Festival and in StudenterHuset (Aalborg).

To celebrate its 20 years since Sort Sol was formed, the 4 first Album is released on CD with bonus CDs.


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